2014 Industry Agenda: Enterprise Mobility – What this means for your Career

2014 looks poised to be a year where enterprise mobility projects dominate the Information Technology landscape. If you have already taken steps to learn mobile technologies beyond just using your smartphone, congratulations! If not, spend some effort learning more about the underlying technologies found on mobile devices.

Whether you are a software engineer interested in mobile programming, or work in network administration having to implement a comprehensive mobile device management (MDM) plan due to your company’s BYOD policy, mobile technology will affect your career greatly. Enterprise mobility rivals Cloud Computing as one of the biggest IT trends — both this year and probably for the rest of the decade.

The Stats behind the Enterprise Mobility Trend

According to CIO Insight magazine, 44 percent of organizations have already completed an enterprise mobility project. Over the next 12 to 18 months, 45 percent of companies are starting a mobile project with a budget of at least $500,000. Increased productivity and improved customer service are the top business drivers behind this trend.

IT Continues to Go Mobile

If you are a software engineer, learning both the Objective-C programming language for the iOS platform, and Java on the Android platform is a must. It is sometimes challenging to deal with software development on a memory constrained device after years of writing programs for the desktop or web.

IT operations staff need to fully understand the principles behind MDM. It is important to train employees on the best practices for using their devices in the office, especially considering the threat of mobile malware — a notable issue on the Android platform. Mobile vendors and business partners need to be properly vetted before an enterprise mobility project begins — mistakes made now are harder to fix once the project is already in progress.

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2014 Industry Agenda: Enterprise Mobility – What this means for your Career

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