3 lessons for tech hiring from the FBI [Video]

Did you know that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is having trouble finding cybersecurity professionals and computer scientists?

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MarketWatch reported that the FBI is struggling to recruit and hire IT professionals, a situation that puts your staffing problems in a different light. After all, if tech-savvy individuals won’t work for the FBI, how can you convince them to work at your firm? Well, you could learn a thing or two from where the FBI went wrong.

First, the FBI isn’t offering employees a high enough salary. In a competitive hiring climate, you need to provide potential staffers with a salary that matches.

Second, the FBI is too picky. MarketWatch noted that only 2,000 of 5,000 candidates meet eligibility requirements. Are you making the same mistake as the FBI and spending too much time looking for the perfect employee?

And third, the FBI never had a skill development program. Now, however, it does offer programs to learn new skills, and this approach is working, so you should consider launching a similar initiative!

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3 lessons for tech hiring from the FBI [Video]
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