3 tips for finding the best tech talent [Video]

One thing keeps hiring managers up at night: “What if I hired the wrong person?”

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No one wants to be responsible for onboarding an IT employee who doesn’t work out. The results could be dire. So, here are three tips for hiring the best tech talent.

First, make sure you send potential new hires the right message about your culture. Ed Nathanson, founder of Red Pill Talent, suggested demonstrating what working at your business is like.

Second, look for IT pros who want to grow at your company. Ask candidates where they see themselves in five years, and if it doesn’t involve your employer, keeping searching.

Lastly, an Innovation Unconference attendee recommended performing the “beer test.” If you can’t imagine having a cold one with a potential new hire, the fit probably isn’t right.

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3 tips for finding the best tech talent [Video]
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