4 essential tech resume tips [Video]

The average hiring manager will only spend six seconds reading your resume before making his or her decision.

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While demand for IT professionals is high, that doesn’t mean you can skimp out on what matters most: your resume.

Here are four essential tech resume tips:

One: List your most recent experience first, keeping it chronological, with your relevant duties and skills above the fold – or in the upper half of the page.

Two: Add testimonials from former bosses, co-workers and colleagues, as means of proving that you’re experienced, talented and a useful employee.

Three: Debbie Messemer, managing partner at KPMG San Francisco, told Fortune that she always checks for a clear objective or mission statement. Indicate an understanding of an industry and how your role can contribute to the business.

Four: List major eye-popping accomplishments and contributions, saving the smaller details for the interview.

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4 essential tech resume tips [Video]
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