5 industries hiring the most tech pros [Video]

Are you looking for an IT job and unsure about which vertical to join?

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A recent report from Robert Half identified the five industries hiring the most tech pros.

So, if you want to explore a new sector, check out companies in these verticals:

Finance sector: The FinTech industry is going strong, and now it’s about consumer-facing software.

Telecommunications: There’s always a need for fast and reliable networks.

Health care: The HIT industry is on the cutting edge, and compliance concerns boost demand for security pros.

Hospitality: Hotels are rapidly deploying new tech, making IT skills very valuable to some big brands.

Managed services: Be industry-agnostic! These firms are looking for tech skills of all types.

Well, that’s all for today. For more IT hiring news and tips, stick with APN!

5 industries hiring the most tech pros [Video]
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