A decade later: Where is Salesforce AppExchange now? [Video]

Ten years ago, when Salesforce AppExchange launched, cloud was barely even a buzzword yet. Now, 85 percent of Fortune 100 enterprises use at least one AppExchange app.

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Salesforce has made a huge impact on the world of enterprise IT, and at the core of the CRM platform, there’s AppExchange.

This app store truly changed business forever, and now, Salesforce AppExchange is doing just as well as ever under its new name the Salesforce App Cloud.

It’s on mobile devices, it’s integrated with Salesforce Lightning and it’s ensuring that Salesforce users have access to whatever tools they need all on one platform.

At the end of the day, Salesforce AppExchange is what makes the CRM platform suitable for businesses and organizations in all industries.

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A decade later: Where is Salesforce AppExchange now? [Video]
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