A page from Google’s hiring book [Video]

Google was just identified as a company with one of the most difficult interview processes, especially for software engineers.

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Google wants to hire the best IT pros, so it puts candidates through a rigorous hiring process.

But what exactly makes interviewing with Google so difficult?

First, Google calls candidates and quickly quizzes them on their tech expertise.

After that, an engineer phones potential new hires, asking either up to 10 questions related to your skills or proposing a single hard-to-solve problem.

Candidates have 35 minutes to answer correctly.

Then, another software engineer will do the same thing.

Lastly, there’s an onsite interview composed of three 45-minutes sessions, lunch and two more interviews. At that point, a senior engineer makes a decision based on co-workers’ feedback.

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A page from Google’s hiring book [Video]
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