Actions to Take after Accepting an IT Position

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Congratulations, your hard work on authoring a top notch résumé combined with all that interview preparation paid off — you accepted an IT position with a new company. But your work isn’t completely finished; there are a few additional steps after taking on a new job that help ensure your long term career goals stay on the right track.

Here are four actions to take after accepting a new IT position. Be sure not to skip them!

Go Over your Transition Plan with your (soon to be) Old Boss

Depending on your current work situation, informing your boss you are leaving can take a variety of paths. Be sure to give at least two-weeks notice — it’s the professional thing to do. A transition plan needs to be developed to allow you to transfer any knowledge and/or project work to another employee.

In some cases, you can be released from your job early — especially in a competitive marketplace — but don’t count on it. So don’t promise to start your new job in a week. Remember that job networks can be insular, and word will get around if you leave your previous employer in a lurch.

Deal with any Issues around Health Insurance and 401K Rollovers

Depending on the benefits package with your new company, you may want to consider getting health insurance through COBRA until you can acquire new coverage. In this post-Obamacare age, small employers won’t always provide insurance benefits. If you have a 401K account, explore a rollover into a new account with your employer if provided, or into an individual IRA.

Get any Project Documentation from your New Employer

Acquire and study any relevant project documentation or technical information from your new employer, so you are ready to hit the ground running on your start date. Showing some initiative and extra effort early in the game starts you off on the right foot!

Handle any Home Life Issues you’ve been Putting Off

If you are able to get any time off between positions, take care of any things around the house you’ve been putting off, like spring cleaning or extra painting. Also take advantage of the break to recharge your batteries for the new job.

If you need any other advice before starting a new IT gig, talk to the experts at APN Consulting. As one of the top technical staffing companies in the New York area, they can help keep your career on the right track. Schedule some time with them today!

Actions to Take after Accepting an IT Position

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