AI Is Replacing the Knowledge Worker

A robot pretending to be a human

In 2016, Walmart announced that it was going to replace 7,000 jobs with AI-powered technology and other businesses are following suit. Mankind is on the cusp of the fourth Industrial Revolution in which technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum mechanics and data science are enabling advanced applications that are set to replace the knowledge worker and fast.

Whether it is algorithms that can diagnose cancers in healthcare patients, machine learning software that can recruit candidates faster than the average HR personnel or drones that can deliver products to a customer’s doorstep, AI is usurping the employee from the workplace. However, the former is far from perfect compared to the latter when it comes to a sustainable quality of work.

For example, compared to an articulate and free-thinking worker, AI-powered technology struggle with open-ended conversations cannot form opinions and thus cannot think strategically. While low computation gives these machines the potential for high-level reasoning, low motor skills require a large number of computational resources if the machine is to think like a human.

That is not to say that the modern employee is out of the loop completely. Corporations who wish to remain competitive in today’s business environment have to dip into a job seeker pool that is actively gearing up for the new job economy. Older skillsets have become obsolete and new ones are taking their place that can suit tech-based initiatives.

Gone are the days when factory-based jobs and management were considered to be the best positions a job seeker could get. In that era, management focused on certain sets of tools that could optimize productivity. The advanced workspace involves more agile teams that can work remotely and be trained to scale up and down, adapting to ever-changing conditions.

This will result in new jobs that are not only more productive but also result in better growth opportunities for organizations across the globe. The good news is that many of the skills for fading jobs are applicable to growing ones. The result will be a diverse employee pool that boasts versatile skill sets that apply to AI-driven business initiatives.

The bottom line is that the technological landscape is evolving faster than employers can keep up. This is where APN Consulting comes into the picture an IT recruitment agency that is leading efforts in shaping this new job market by refining IT staffing solutions for the current business environment and beyond.

By working with employers the tech recruiters can deliver strategic IT staffing solutions that go beyond the resume.  Using mature recruitment practices, APN allows organizations to focus on short term goals without losing sight of the long-term talent pipeline. This includes immediate access to skilled professionals who are not only proficient at required skill sets but who are as hungry for growth as the company that is in search of them. Hire them on a contract basis and put those on the payroll who can prove to be an asset for future business goals. Contact us today!

AI Is Replacing the Knowledge Worker

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