How to Answer Quirky IT Interview Questions

Any IT interview — be it an initial discussion with someone from HR or a technical interview — contains a standard array of questions. What is your greatest strength or weakness? Where do you see yourself in five years? Those kinds of queries are commonplace.

But how do you deal with a question seemingly out of left field? How does a question about your favorite rock have anything to do with your technical ability? Maybe the interviewer is after something else?

Let’s take a look at the best ways to handle a quirky IT interview question.

How do garden gnomes relate to the latest NoSQL Database?

It is important to understand that the interview is asking you a weird question for a valid reason. They want insight into your personality or creativity. So be sure to be forthright when trying to conjure up the best ways to accomplish fitting an elephant into a refrigerator.

Before attempting an answer, take a couple seconds to formulate the strategy for your response. Maybe the question is aimed at finding out more about your personality? Whatever the reason, don’t sound flustered; speak clearly and give an honest answer.

Don’t worry about making a right or wrong answer

As mentioned earlier, quirky interview questions are about gaining insight into your personality. Don’t get stressed out about making sure you answer correctly; in this situation there is no right or wrong answer. Being personable and honest while giving an answer is the most important thing.

Remember that how you respond is much more important than the answer itself. This is all about figuring out whether or not you’ll make a good fit at the company. Consider it to be more of a company culture question than a query about your technical abilities.

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How to Answer Quirky IT Interview Questions

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