Are you hiring IT pros the same way as others?

Are hiring managers interviewing IT pros the wrong way?

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As a hiring manager, conducting an interview is akin to an art. You need to balance the importance of skills with an interviewee’s personality and past job performance. However, does hiring IT professionals work the same way? After all, knowing how to code doesn’t necessarily translate in an interview setting.

A recent article on Quartz asserted that despite the importance of hiring qualified engineers, many businesses are terrible at it. The news source predicted that when we look back to 2015 and how we hired developers, we will notice that it was an anachronism similar to hiring a professional orchestra cellist based on a personality quiz and test on music theory.

Because enterprise IT is unlike so many other professions, organizations need to approach hiring these individuals differently. Instead of answering questions about their work and what they do, job candidates should display their skills. When hiring an IT professional, give them some tests that mirror tasks these individuals will frequently perform, and then generate a grade rather than a simple pass-fail result.

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Are you hiring IT pros the same way as others?
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