Are you ill-prepared for interviews? [Video]

What’s more important on a resume: experience or eagerness to learn?

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You’ve probably been told to list all of your relevant IT experience on your resume, even going so far as to edit it to include more of your track record.

That could be hurting your ability to get a new tech job, not helping.

Ajeet Singh, founder of ThoughSpot, told Business Insider that he would rather see prospective employees who want to be part of an entity larger than themselves. He wants people to take on new challenges.

Singh explained that if you’ve already done the job or tasks that companies are looking for, he’s not interested since you won’t have motivation to grow.

Should you get rid of your past experience on your resume then? No way. Instead, demonstrate an eagerness to expand that track record.

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Are you ill-prepared for interviews? [Video]
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