What are the Biggest Mistakes IT Hiring Managers Make?

Getting hiring decisions right is arguably the prime directive of any HR manager, especially when it involves choosing between candidates for your company’s technical staff. Most businesses can’t afford the loss in productivity and the wasted resources due to hiring the wrong person. Finding someone able to hit the ground running soon after their first day is vital.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the biggest mistakes made by IT hiring managers.

Getting the Job Description Right is Important

Before posting an available position, it is vital to make the job description accurate. If the candidate needs to be familiar with .NET 4.0, that fact needs to be in the description. If the potential DBA needs to know NoSQL technology, say so.

Make sure to have technical managers review any relevant job descriptions before they are posted to the public. They are the ones who intimately understand the requirements for the position in question.

Don’t Forget to sell the Open Position to the Candidates

Anyone interviewing candidates — either from HR or your organization’s technical staff — needs to show enthusiasm for both your company and the open position. The competition for the best IT talent is great, and you can expect the top candidates to be discerning before accepting any job offer. Stress the need for your interviewers to sell the company; the candidates need to know that accepting this position is going to be great for their career!

Speed is of the Essence

It is also important not waste your candidates’ time by taking too long to make that final hiring decision. You should expect that other firms are in competition for the persons in question and waiting too long could mean a talented candidate already accepted a job with one of your biggest competitors. Don’t dilly-dally!

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What are the Biggest Mistakes IT Hiring Managers Make?

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