Can a mission statement win over new hires?

Attracting and retaining good tech talent is a challenge for businesses and organizations of all types, but one group might have found a new approach to finding the best IT professionals.

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GCN recently told the story of New York City’s Innovation and Design team, as the group struggled to pull in experienced and capable tech pros. After posting available positions to its employment portal, the team received 500 job applications, yet only five of them were from individuals with the skills and talents required.

The typical hiring approach wasn’t working. So, the public sector agency developed a specific website for attracting talent, and it explained the mission and vision of the organization and how the open positions would help meet those goals.

Hiring managers should take note of this strategy, as it highlights the importance of conveying important details up front: With a great mission statement and outlook, many qualified tech pros were glad to apply knowing what they were getting themselves into.

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Can a mission statement win over new hires?
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