Commitment to improve kids’ lives: APN’s association with Pencils of Promise

Education is a cause which is very close to my heart. I believe education gives one an opportunity to broaden horizons and change one’s destiny. I was born and raised in India. I belong to a privileged group of people whose parents knew the importance of education and had resources to give me one. I […]

Happiness: Are you happy, and is happiness overrated?

If you have read a book on this topic or are asking this question to yourself, chances are that you are above the poverty line and not worried about putting food on the table on a daily basis. Congratulations! There are millions of self-help books written on this topic. Every guru/motivational speaker continuously speaks on […]

2015 Tri-State Vistage Executive Summit in Brooklyn, New York

Last week I attended the Vistage Executive Summit in New York. I have been a Vistage member for almost 3 years now and am a big advocate for the organization. (If anyone wants to know more about Vistage, please feel free to call me). They have a great variety of speakers who give you different perspectives. […]

The Client is Always RIGHT!

Is this a fair statement? We keep hearing this everywhere, whether it is sales training, conferences, internal discussions, television commercials or sometimes from clients as well. Quite often, we find ourselves repeating this statement. Being in a client-facing role for over 20 years, I have used this statement multiple times. Over the years, there have […]

Four IT Certifications to Look for When Hiring

Employing a top-notch technical staff helps to keep your organization running in an efficient manner when it comes to IT. Technical certifications are a great way to verify that any candidates looking for work with your company hold the knowledge and skills needed in today’s marketplace. So what IT certifications are in hot demand? Let’s […]

Four Technical Skills in High Demand (and How to Find Talent That Possesses Them)

Any company worth its weight in salt maintains an IT staff well-honed on the latest technologies. Your company stands to lose its competitive edge should your employees begin to suffer from a skills gap. You need to either bring on new personnel with the latest technical skills or institute a potentially costly training program to […]

Should Recruiting Companies Get In The MSP Game?

Many of our recruiting industry peers are asking this question and I hear it repetitively, both from new entrants in this field and from companies who have been around for a long time. Seasoned players ask this question because they cannot fathom going through the system to make placements. New entrants just don’t know what […]

Confusing the “Market” with Marketability

How’s the market? What skills are HOT in the market? Invariably these are the questions which everyone constantly asks, including prospects, clients, acquaintances, or candidates. Somehow the general feeling is that if the market is doing well, everything is doing well and everyone is hiring. If it goes south or if the employment numbers are low, […]

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