Commitment to improve lives: Pencils of Promise

Education is a cause which is very close to my heart. I believe education gives one an opportunity to broaden horizons and change one’s destiny. I was born and raised in India. I belong to a privileged group of people whose parents knew the importance of education and had resources to give me one. I owe everything to my parents as they put me on the path to success by giving me the right education. There are over 250 million kids on this planet who are not as fortunate and don’t get the chance to have an education to change their destiny. They are simply “unfortunate” to be born in those circumstances.

I came across this wonderful organization called “Pencils of Promise.” This organization is led by a gentleman named Adam Braun. I had the privilege of meeting the team in their NYC office. I must say, it was a profound experience. Everyone was so passionate about the organization’s cause. I loved their business model of opening schools in countries where they are getting community support. Once they build the school, they provide supplemental programming to allow quality learning. They monitor the progress of the school and ensure that kids are on the right path. Their focused countries are Ghana, Guatemala, and Laos. Till today, they have built more than 320 schools in these countries.

I was really impressed by the organization and the way they have pursued this cause. We decided to join hands and do our bit to support them. I am excited to announce our commitment to this cause. At APN Consulting, we are committed to open 4 schools by the end of 2016. We opened our first school in Ghana and our target is to open another 3 by the year-end. To ensure that our whole organization is involved, we have connected our internal goals with POP incentives. For example, any team member meeting their quarterly goal will win a $100 contribution from APN towards our POP yearly goal. We are also committing to organize events this year, which will bring more awareness about the organization and raise money for the well-deserving kids.

I am very excited to be a part of this cause. Giving back to society is an unwritten rule and I am excited to be part of an organization committed to do the same. By our efforts, if we are able to change one life, even that would be gratifying.

Commitment to improve lives: Pencils of Promise

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