Don’t Miss: Our Top Blog Posts from 2013

It’s been a productive year for both APN Consulting and the IT industry as a whole. As we enjoy the spirit of the holiday season, let us take a look back at the top performing APN blog posts from 2013.

Interview Experience: Make it Memorable

March saw an article by APN Consulting Founder and CEO, Vedant Pathak, describing how clients need to give their candidates a memorable interview experience. The IT job marketplace is competitive for both people looking for a job, as well as the companies battling it out for the top technical talent. Sometimes the little steps, like a friendly receptionist, offering the interviewee some refreshment, or taking the time to fully introduce everyone on the interview panel, are what really stand out to a candidate deciding between companies.

Vistage 2013 Experience: Think BIG

Early in 2013, Vedant Pathak attended the Vistage 2013 International Member & Chair Conference in Dallas, TX. In an article chronicling the experiences gained from that conference, Pathak called the event a “very profound experience with intriguing perspectives from industry professionals.” He also noted the importance of taking the steps to actually execute the concepts and ideas learned at industry conferences such as Vistage 2013.

Employment History Gaps? Here’s How to Talk About Them

A May article looked at the best strategies for dealing with employment history gaps, both on a résumé or during an interview. Ideas like leaving the month off of work history listings on a résumé were discussed. The importance of being up front and forthright about employment gaps during the interview was stressed no matter the reason for the work sabbatical.

Calling All Mobile Developers

Mobile development is still a hot job skill for those looking for IT employment, as companies of all sizes continue to leverage smartphones and tablet computers in their daily business operations. An article from late 2012 on the growth of mobile development job opportunities is still one of the top performing blog posts for APN Consulting. The article stresses the need for software engineers to broaden their skill set to support the iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms.

2014 looks to be another great year for the tech industry and APN Consulting. They remain one of the top IT staffing companies in the New York metropolitan area. If you are interested in any of their job opportunities or if your company needs some top rank technical talent, be sure to give them a call!

Don’t Miss: Our Top Blog Posts from 2013

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