How to Land Your Dream Job

Even in today’s down economy, your IT dream job is out there. Finding it takes research, dedication, and persistence as well as following a clear plan to reach your goal. Sharpen your technical skills and learn what it takes to be a top candidate.

Set Attainable Goals and Follow a Plan to Achieve Them

After researching those employment listings and finding that perfect technical job, take a step back and look at your own skill set and experience. Do you have the technical ability to do the work? Do you have the right amount and type of experience?

If not, set some reachable goals to learn what you need to know, be it a new functional programming language, a new operating system, or the latest NoSQL database. Finding a temporary IT contract is also a great way to gain some last-minute work experience.

Be Familiar With the Requirements and Experience

It’s also important to be intimately familiar with the requirements of your dream position. Spend some quality time researching the company, their management style, and workplace environment to ensure a perfect fit.

Double check your dream position’s experience to make sure you didn’t miss anything in the details. Be prepared to talk about how you meet the job requirements in a potential interview.

Ask Meaningful Questions in the Interview

When it comes time for the interview, be sure to ask meaningful questions yourself. They could be about the company’s line of business, or an insightful question on methodology during a technical interview.

It shows off your interest in the position and also the fact that you took the time to actively research the company and how they go about the software development process or their technical infrastructure management.

Leverage the Help of Your Technical Recruiter

Most importantly, leverage the help of a knowledgeable IT recruiter. They can help with all of the previous steps, from finding that IT dream job, to setting up an actionable plan to improve your experience, to helping you prepare for the final interview.

As one of the leading technical staffing firms in the Metropolitan New York area, APN Consulting has recruiters on hand who are able to help you become a top candidate, as well as find and land you that dream technical position.

How to Land Your Dream Job

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