Finding an IT Job in a Competitive Area

Even as the economy continues to show improvement after the “Great Recession,” certain metropolitan areas of the country remain competitive for technical workers looking for a job. Don’t fret, because there are a few steps you can take to ensure you stand out among a host of others competing for the same position.

Leverage Social Networking

It is important to use social networking wisely as part of your job search strategy. Make sure you have a LinkedIn account, and treat your profile on the site as an alternative version of your resume. Also make it a point to join any relevant groups on the site for your industry or technical discipline, as they are another great way to network and possibly find available positions.

Don’t forget Facebook and Google+ as well, but ensure that your profile security settings block out anything from your personal life that may be professionally embarrassing. Either way, LinkedIn should be the centerpiece of your social networking strategy.

Join Local IT Special Interest Groups

While online social networking has grown in importance over the year, don’t skimp on actual person-to-person networking. Join any local special interest groups specific to whatever languages, databases, or network administration frameworks you use in your career.

This is a great way to find job leads that may not appear in the local want ads. Additionally, it is perfect for meeting others in your field, allowing you to potentially stand out when sending in a resume for a newly-posted position. Make it a point to give a presentation at a SIG meeting, as it is a great way to improve your public speaking skills and allows other people in your industry to recognize you.

Don’t Forget to Use your Local Technical Recruiter

In a competitive metropolitan area, sometimes going at it alone isn’t the best approach for your job search. Find out who the top IT staffing agencies are in your area and pair up with a recruiter. They can give great career advice, and in many cases will have a line on the best newly available jobs in the area before the rest of the public finds out.

One of the leading technical staffing agencies in the Metro New York City area, APN Consulting has the recruiters on board to help you find a job in a very competitive marketplace.

Finding an IT Job in a Competitive Area

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