Focus on well-being to retain health IT pros [Video]

The competition for recruiting top IT talent in the health care field is intensifying. Do you know how to attract these workers and, perhaps more importantly, make them happy?

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To create a corporate culture that attracts IT professionals, organizations must identify what needs workers have that other companies aren’t satisfying. 

According to Gallup, 44 percent of employees indicated they would leave their current job for a salary raise of about 20 percent. But money is not the only important factor that IT pros might consider when looking for a new role. Gallup also said that social relationships, community, purpose and physical health contribute to the well-being of health care workers.

Therefore, to increase levels of engagement and job satisfaction of IT pros, employers should addresses some of these issues during interviews. This can be done by outlining volunteer opportunities, workplace wellness programs or after-work events that your organization can offer.

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Focus on well-being to retain health IT pros [Video]
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