Four IT Certifications to Look for When Hiring

Employing a top-notch technical staff helps to keep your organization running in an efficient manner when it comes to IT. Technical certifications are a great way to verify that any candidates looking for work with your company hold the knowledge and skills needed in today’s marketplace.

So what IT certifications are in hot demand? Let’s take a look at four that may make a difference for your firm this year and beyond.

Amazon Web Services — Certified Solution Architect

Cloud computing continues to revolutionize how business IT gets done, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the leading commercial Cloud services. Solution architects certified in AWS are a must if your organization plans on implementing or expanding its existing Cloud-based service offerings.

EC-Council — Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator

Hacking incidents are in the news on a seemingly daily basis, and protecting your organization’s information technology assets is one of the prime directives for any CIO. Consider upgrading the IT security skills on your staff by either hiring certified forensic investigators or by investing in the training for your current staff to gain those skills and certification.

Microsoft — Certified Solutions Expert

Microsoft’s .NET Framework and other products, such as SharePoint and the Azure Cloud platform, are still highly relevant to business IT. If your organization is a Microsoft shop, employing a few workers that hold the Certified Solution Expert certification remains a smart play for the next few years.

VMware — Certified Professional 5 – Data Center Virtualization

Along with Cloud computing, data center virtualization is another technology that allows organizations to save money on their IT expenses. VMware maintains its status as a leading technology in this space, and having some employees certified in this technology gives your company some flexibility when architecting its own data center solutions.

If your organization wants to continue to stay at the forefront of technology, partnering with a top-notch IT staffing agency is a great way to ensure the best and brightest employees on your technology team. As one of the top technical staffing companies in the New Jersey area, APN Consulting can help fill a skills gap or provide an entire team for your upcoming projects.  Contact us for more information.

Four IT Certifications to Look for When Hiring

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