Four Traits to Look for When Hiring IT Security Talent

As hacking incidents seem to appear in the media on a daily basis, the importance of IT security and the talent to implement cyber-security technology and policies remains vital. The competition for the best and brightest candidates in IT security also grows fiercer as companies look to secure their information technology assets.

Given this important need, what are four of the top traits a candidate should have when looking to hire top IT security talent. Let’s take a look.

Current IT Security Certifications

Make sure any candidate for a cyber security position has earned a collection of current IT security certifications. A CISSP is a must, and holding a few CISSP concentrations is a bonus, especially if the concentration relates to your company’s line of business. The nature of cyber threats changes on what seems like a daily basis, and therefore any certifications need to have been acquired within the last one to two years.

Strong and Specific Technical Skills and Knowledge

IT security professionals need to be adept in a lot of areas related to server technology. However, they don’t have the luxury of being a generalist; specific knowledge of servers, routers, network protocols, operating systems, and databases is very important.

Flexibility and a Desire to Learn

Once again, the evolving nature of IT security threats places the onus on the best cyber security professionals to constantly research new malware or hacking techniques, as well as the means to combat them. As such, flexibility and a strong desire to learn are traits held by the best cyber security pros.

A Keen Understanding of the Business

The best IT security professionals maintain a keen awareness of the risks hacking, malware, and viruses mean for any business. Ensure any candidate for an IT security role at your company understands your business operations along with any specific points of risk or vulnerability.

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Four Traits to Look for When Hiring IT Security Talent

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