Great News for IT Job Seekers

If you are a technical worker looking for that perfect IT position, great news lurks within, as many companies are looking to add to their technical staffs in the second quarter of 2013. The economy continues to improve, which is a boon for the smart technical job seeker.

Businesses’ IT Hiring Plans are Up

A recent survey revealed that seven times as many firms are planning to increase the size of their technical staffs compared to those planning to downsize. Many other companies fully expect to fill any technical positions that open up during the second quarter of this year. Only a small minority — less than a quarter — are putting their IT hiring plans on hold.

According to the survey, some of the hottest technologies in the second quarter of 2013 are data analytics, security, and mobile development. Companies are especially looking for potential employees with skills in network administration and database management. So if those items are on your resume, you will be negotiating from a position of strength if you decide to look for a new job.

CIOs Encountering Difficulty in Finding Technical Hires

Over 70 percent of the surveyed CIOs expressed difficulty in finding qualified technical professionals. In addition to the previously mentioned database and networking skill sets, these respondents also mentioned a lack of excellent applicants in the application development space.

Additionally, a large majority of the surveyed CIOs remain confident in their firm’s prospect for growth — nearly 90 percent! Now is the time, if you expect to be in the market for a new job, to freshen up your technical skills and make sure your resume accurately reflects your capabilities to a potential new employer. If you are interested in some of the hot, newer technologies, like analytics or iOS and Android development, consider taking a class or a temporary contract position to add those skills to your portfolio.

Make sure to schedule some time with your local IT recruiter, as they will know who is hiring in the area, and what skills are on their new employee wish list. Your recruiter can make sure your resume is up to date and that your interviewing skills are sharp. One of the leading technology recruiters in the New Jersey area, APN Consulting has the staff on hand to make sure you take advantage of the current favorable hiring market.

Great News for IT Job Seekers

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