Hackathon hacks: Getting noticed [Video]

Hackathons are the new black, as many IT professionals seek out these events in hopes of landing a job. But what’s the secret to success?

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In October, the U.S. General Services Administration held its second annual hackathon with the intention of finding tech talent. Specifically, the GSA was looking for front-end Web and back-end API developers, UX designers and more, since these events allow tech pros to network in person.

Hackathons are a great way to get noticed, but therein lies the problem: How can you get noticed?

First, make sure you prepare. Research past events, find a good team with a wide variety of skills and familiarize yourself with languages being used.

Next, don’t waste time on basics. If there is example code, use it.

Lastly, remember that presentation matters. Showcasing what you’ve done is your chance to shine.

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Hackathon hacks: Getting noticed [Video]
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