Hardest to hire: Networking pros [Video]

Did you know that network professionals are among the most difficult to IT employees to discover and onboard?

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As a hiring manager, you’re likely inundated with potential new hires who sport backgrounds in big data, cloud computing and cybersecurity.

But to prepare for 2016, you should expect networking pros that come knocking at your door to want a lot from your employer, and as a result, you must be ready to accurately convey the best aspects of your firm.

According to a survey conducted by Robert Half Technologies, CIOs named network administrator as the IT position that is hardest to fill. These individuals are in too much demand.

With that in mind, you should be ready to offer bonuses, incentives and competitive salaries if you hope to hire a great networking pro in 2016.

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Hardest to hire: Networking pros [Video]
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