Has COVID Affected Your Mental Health? By Vedant Pathak

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Read what our CEO, Vedant Pathak, had to say about mental health during COVID-19 –

A famous saying “We don’t live in our houses or mansions; we live in our minds.” This statement holds particularly true due to the past two years we have had. Covid-19 has fast-forwarded many things like online shopping, the entertainment industry, remote workforce, etc. It has also brought the concept of mental health into the light.

When Covid started – we were forced to stay within the walls of our houses. This was the first opportunity in decades, so we all started exploring our hobbies. For example:

  • Cooking – Thanks to YouTube and its content, everyone wanted to be Gordon Ramsay and Julia Child.
  • Weight Loss/Bodybuilding – Though this is a lower percentage, people still began with the area’s goals.
  • Social Media – Self-explanatory!
  • Art/DIY Projects: Everyone came up with fun projects and fully immersed themselves in them.

As the staying home was a novelty, people were excited, but the COVID did not indicate it was going away; excitement started wearing off.

The pandemic reminded us how lonely one could be during this time. While technology has come a long way with video calls and conferences, it can never fill the gap created by the face-to-face interactions we all used to have. The excitement of seeing someone you love, the laughter you share over the cup of coffee, or the learning you unknowingly acquire from your friends, clients, and people around you was missing.

Have you noticed the change in behavior in the past year? Is this for good or for bad?

Your mental health – are you as excited as you were during pre- COVID days for the work, or has it become more comfortable as you can wake up 10 minutes before the first conference call? Are you able to differentiate work from home now? Are you excited to meet anyone or go out? Have you started drinking or smoking more? Do you have difficulty sleeping? Do you have downtime for you now?

When you are experiencing mental health issues, it may seem impossible to complete the basic tasks. Time to focus more on mental health. This is the time to step out (cautiously with all the COVID guidelines) and interact with others. This is the time to collaborate for a better future. If you are experiencing mental health issues, then…

  • Limit your social media time
  • Talk to a counselor.
  • Take care of your body.
  • Improve your diet
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Meditate
  • Connect with your community or faith-based organization online.

Don’t just read this article. Seek help!

It’s time to raise your hand and ask for help if you feel sad, demotivated, and uninteresting. Identify the area you need help and make the plan. We all need to start somewhere. Start small and execute the plan. If you see any of your friends/colleagues/neighbors going through these symptoms, make them aware of mental health issues and encourage them to talk to a counselor. Man is a social animal, so find ways to be social again. We all need to be uncomfortable to be comfortable in the future.

Has COVID Affected Your Mental Health? By Vedant Pathak

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