Hiring and Managing Ambitious Millennials

Keeping an IT staff engaged can be a difficult task at times, especially when managing the group of younger workers known as the Millennials. Generally more ambitious than workers aged 35 to 50, millennials also bring advantages to the workplace because of their enthusiasm for the latest in technology and their personal development. Properly managed, they can be an asset to your staff and the overall company.

Let’s take a look at some strategies for hiring and managing millennial workers.

Taking Advantage of their Entrepreneurial Spirit

Studies show that 66 percent of millennials want to be the CEO of a company. Keep that in mind when hiring and managing these ambitious younger workers. If your company is a start-up or beginning a new division, a significant number of millennials on your team could get things running very quickly.

On the other hand, this same ambition may cause an issue with intra-team clashes or a difficulty in worker retention. Stress teamwork among your entire IT staff and be sure to keep your younger employees engaged with interesting and rewarding assignments.

Leverage their Desire to Know the Business

Nearly two-thirds of millennial IT workers want to get their MBA. Be sure your company has a tuition reimbursement plan, and then be prepared to reap the benefits of added business acumen from collection of newly-minted MBAs on your technical staff. Help them come up to speed with the inner workings of your company’s business dealings to complement their educational growth.

A Helping Hand in the Workplace

With almost 80 percent of millennials in technology gladly giving technical support to friends and family, take advantage of that generous nature at your office. Once again, this ties in to creating a nurturing, team-oriented environment that helps you retain this ambitious collection of younger workers. Make your office a place where an IT staff of all ages wants to work.

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Hiring and Managing Ambitious Millennials

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