Hiring managers are biased: What’s the solution? [Video]

If we call you biased, don’t be offended. Madan Pillutla, a professor of organizational behavior at London Business School, explained that everyone unconsciously exhibits biases.

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[marker}In an article on Business insider, Pillutla explained that hiring managers have three biases:

One: You like people who are similar, whether in hair style or hobbies and interests.

Two: You base competency judgments on stereotypes, assuming that different demographics or ethnicities are better at some tasks than others.

Three: You are afraid of potential employees who pose a threat to your organizational status.

It’s OK if you exhibit one of these biases, since you’re now going to try to overcome them, right?

Some experts recommended blind interviews – imagine the business version of NBC’s “The Voice.” Or, you can ask candidates to perform tasks, as this will help you hire based on talent, not instinct.

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Hiring managers are biased: What’s the solution? [Video]
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