Hiring Manager’s FAQs

APN follows a structured, documented, and mature recruitment process. Your Account Manager will take care to understand your job requisition in detail and transfer the knowledge to the recruiter. This takes into account the top 3 skills, soft skills required for the role, interview process, compensation, skill level, and other relevant data points. We then tap into our networks and sources to line up 2 to 4 top candidates for your review. We coordinate all the logistics during the interview process. Once you make a selection, we will complete the process by doing the background and reference checks and executing the steps for onboarding the candidate on to your project.
For APN, the most important step in the recruitment process is understanding your job requisition. Our Account Managers are seasoned business professionals who go beyond the keywords and take the time to frame your need in the context of business and technology. We believe that taking the time to understand what you are looking for helps us minimize iterations and get to the qualified candidate quickly.
Once APN’s team starts working on your job requisition, you will receive regular communication on our progress. Our Account Managers work closely with their recruiters to monitor progress and identify any potential challenges in finding the right talent. By working closely with you, not only do we keep you in the know, but it also helps us find a winning solution for you.
Our experienced recruiters create a questionnaire on hard skills and soft skills and interview each candidate in a structured manner. This allows us to score responses and accurately identify the top contenders. We use a combination of a phone screen, video screen, and in-person interviews. They are then technically interviewed by one of our many contractors who are our regular technical interviewers. The recruiter then closes the loop by clearly outlining our your expectations before the resume is sent to you.
Our client relationships have been long and merit-based. Over the years, by learning our clients’ recurring needs, we have a strategy to pipeline candidates on an on-going basis – regardless of whether there is an open position. This has helped us create large candidate pools which become available on a regular basis. We do this for several top technologies that our clients use regularly.
For every client engagement, we make pay close attention to the expected service levels and measure and report on them. Our measured metrics are – requirement coverage, turnaround time on the first resume, submissions to interviews, interviews to offers, offers to start, and project completion rates. The service levels are dictated by what you are expecting – not what we think it should be.
Cost-effectiveness is always a function of direct cost and opportunity cost. There are times when we pass up candidates that fall outside our client’s budget and if the position is not filled for a while, the client loses business opportunities. By working closely with our clients we take a pragmatic approach to find the best value in the shortest possible time.
APN prides itself on 100% compliance. No candidate ever starts on a project unless their background check and reference check is complete and documented. There have been rare instances where, due to miscommunication, a candidate shows up at a client site before their process is completed. We have advised our clients to send them back until such time that their background check process is properly completed.
APN is your partner for the long run. We are proud to say that our oldest customer happens to be our largest customer. This is a testament to our deep involvement in our clients’ success and our strife to prove ourselves every day. APN’s DNA is in improving the customer experience. And working with us, you will experience the APN difference.

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