IT Hiring Trends for Q4 2014

2014 seems to be flying by, and with the fourth quarter of the year almost upon us, it is time to take stock of the current IT hiring trends to make sure your organization stays at the top of its game. Failure to stay ahead of staffing trends in technology is a good way to give your company a skills gap that could adversely impact your bottom line.

Here are some technology hiring trends for the rest of 2014:

IT Hiring up in the Second Half of 2014

Many industry analysts are reporting that CIOs remain bullish about IT hiring during the last half of this year. A majority of firms are looking to hire to fill open positions, while a smaller number are also expanding their IT staff. A vast majority of the polled CIOs remain bullish on their company’s future prospects for the next few years.

The Era of the Big Data Scientist

Big Data continues to be a hot trend at all business levels. The data scientist, who provides a unique combination of the technical and analytical skills necessary to derive actionable business information out of masses of data, remains a popular job title currently in demand. In a competitive, socially-driven business environment, expect the importance of Big Data to continue unabated.

Traditional Development Skills still in Demand

Java and .NET developers, while not the hottest job titles, remain in demand at many firms. A majority of these software engineering positions involve some form of web development, with CSS and HTML abilities still relevant.

Social Media Now a Part of the Candidate Search

Social media websites, like LinkedIn, are an important resource to use when searching for qualified IT candidates, or for vetting a potential hire before an interview. Still, an experienced staffing agency is the best resource when searching for top technical talent.

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IT Hiring Trends for Q4 2014

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