How to diversify the workforce [Video]

The underrepresentation of women and minorities in today’s workforce is a major issue that organizations must address immediately.

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Companies that fail to recruit professionals from diverse backgrounds are limited in their perspective, performance and creativity. Some hiring managers aren’t even aware of their biases.

To diversify your workforce, The Multicultural Advantage recommended conducting an employee survey to identify problem areas, and using the results to guide an actionable plan of improvement.

Another strategy is to promote women and minorities to leadership roles, since they will be more likely to consider diversity when making decisions.

Businesses should also ensure they are perceived as equal opportunity employers, and that typically entails partnering with a diversity supplier, such as APN Consulting.

The National Minority Supplier Development Council has certified APN, meaning that we have proven to possess the ability to help companies create a more diverse and, ultimately, successful workforce.

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How to diversify the workforce [Video]
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