How to Evaluate a Recruiting Firm – Part 1

The process of managing your technical staffing becomes a lot smoother after you’ve successfully chosen a top rank recruiting firm as a partner. Finding an experienced IT recruiting firm doesn’t need to be an overly complex, arcane process. Following a few key principles helps to differentiate the best staffing companies from the merely average.

Let’s take a look at some basic criteria to be used in the process of evaluating an IT recruiting firm.

Look for an Experienced IT Recruiting Firm in your Local Market

It is important that your chosen technical recruiting firm offers significant experience in your local area. This gives them the ability to understand the changes in technology — programming languages, databases, operating systems — while offering actionable insight to your company’s specific needs. They need to be familiar with the companies in your region, as well as the periodic changes that affect the local job market.

A Robust Supply of Technically Vetted Candidates on Hand

Additionally, the IT staffing company should have a robust supply of technically vetted candidates able to hit the ground running, immediately helping your organization on either a temporary or permanent basis. The process of parsing through a ton of résumés and conducting interviews can be a daunting process; taking up the valuable time of your managerial team. An experienced recruiting firm only presents you the best possible candidates; saving you time and money in the hiring process.

The Ability to Understand your Company’s Technology Needs

An experienced technical staffing company provides the keen insight needed to understand your organization’s technical footprint, plans for growth, and office culture, allowing them to match potential candidates to meet your firm’s unique needs. In short, a smart recruiting company that won’t try and sell you a .NET candidate to work on your software engineering team specializing in the LAMP technology stack.

After performing your due diligence when evaluating potential technical recruiting companies, it’s obvious that APN Consulting makes a great choice as an IT staffing partner. One of the top IT recruiting firms in the New York and New Jersey areas, they offer the keen technical and business insight to ensure your IT staffing needs are met with minimal disruption to your company’s daily operations. Schedule some time to meet with them today!

How to Evaluate a Recruiting Firm – Part 1

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