How to Find the Best IT Talent

As the economy continues to improve and more companies are looking to add to their technical staff, the supply of IT talent grows smaller and it becomes more difficult to find the best candidates ready to help your company succeed. Do you consider hiring a temporary or contract employee? What about a less than perfect permanent hire?

If those questions seem daunting, maybe its time to talk to a top ranked technical staffing company? A knowledgeable IT recruiter has their pulse on the current job market and can help you find and hire a great candidate that fits nicely at your company.

Determine Your Company’s Needs and the Skill Set for the New Position

When first meeting with a staffing specialist, it is important to have a strong handle on your company’s current staffing needs. This information helps in determining the skill set for the new candidate.

In addition to their technical skills, it is important to make sure a potential hire fits your company’s culture. This is especially important if he or she is hired for a permanent position. Finding out that new employee isn’t working out after six months is a costly mistake.

Ask Probing Questions During the Job Interview

Once its time to start interviewing potential candidates, it is vital to ask questions to best determine if a potential employee is a great fit — from both a technical and cultural standpoint. Your staffing specialist can assist in developing a set of quality interview questions.

Explore whether the candidate is experienced with the type of project work at your company. Ask them about their strategies for ensuring success on one of your current projects. If any of their previous jobs entailed similar work, make sure to get references that attest to the candidate’s contribution.

Problem-solving skills remain a vital attribute for any technical professional. Make sure to query the candidate on how they overcame difficulties that cropped up on projects throughout their career.

Remember your local IT staffing company when deciding to look for a quality new employee. In addition to offering you a list of current candidates, they also have the know-how to ensure you find a great hire after the interview process. One of the leading technical staffing firms in the New York metro area, APN Consulting can help you find the best IT talent!

How to Find the Best IT Talent

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