How to Reduce Your IT Hiring Costs

As the end of the year approaches, budgetary concerns creep into the minds of many business managers. Your company is probably no different, but when there are both staffing and budget concerns, sometimes a difficult choice has to be made. Thankfully, there are some steps your firm can take to reduce IT hiring costs, while still adding valuable talent to your technical team.

Let’s take a look at some easy ways to lessen the impact of the hiring process on your bottom line.

Consider Contract Employees Instead of Full-Time Hires

Bringing in some contract employees instead of hiring full-time workers is a great way to save on typical HR costs, like insurance and other benefits. Additionally, temporary contracts also allow you to see if a potential worker is a good fit before offering them a permanent position at your company.

The extra costs incurred when making a poor decision on a permanent hire without an initial trial period can make a real difference to your organization’s bottom line. Contracts are a great way to reduce both risk and costs.

Leverage a Technical Staffing Agency Instead of Going at it Alone

Using a technical staffing agency instead of going at it on your own adds savings to the hiring process in two important areas. First, your firm saves money on the advertising costs needed to post the available position in local papers and websites. A staffing agency can inform qualified applicants already working with them about the new position.

Secondly, leveraging the staffing agency to pare down an initial set of résumés to a manageable amount saves your company both interview time and the hours spent perusing potentially hundreds of candidates. If your company is small, without a full-time HR staff, using a staffing agency saves money by allowing your company to focus more on running your business instead of the hiring process.

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How to Reduce Your IT Hiring Costs

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