Important qualities to look for in a staffing agency [Video]

If you assume all staffing agencies are the same, think again. 

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There are key differences separating ordinary staffing suppliers from exceptional ones. What qualities you should you look for in a vendor?

The first is versatility. A third-party agency should be able a multi-industry network is more cost-effective than using an individual vendor for each department. 

Second, consider thoroughness – especially when it comes to filtering candidates. Ensure your staffing vendor conducts technical skills assessments and other prescreening evaluations. This way, your hiring managers receive only those who are most-suited for the job. 

Finally, look for an agency that values diversity. Choosing a vendor that is certified by the National Minority Supplier Diversity Council makes it easier to diversify and enhance your workforce.

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Important qualities to look for in a staffing agency [Video]
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