Why (and How) to Include Examples in Your IT Cover Letter

When looking for a top-notch job in IT, obviously your résumé is a big part of your job search package, but it is also important not to skimp on your IT cover letter. A cover letter lets you support the information on your CV, giving your potential new company a chance to get a better feel for your abilities.

While it’s true that many HR managers don’t look at a cover letter on their initial vetting of candidates, if your résumé attracts interest, you can be sure your letter will get a thorough reading. Because of this, it is important to tailor each cover letter for the open position in question by providing examples of your tangible work experience that supports the content on your résumé.

Let’s take a look at how to include relevant professional examples in a technical cover letter.

Leverage Samples Relevant to the Open Position

Personalizing each cover letter for the job in question is vital. This also applies to the kinds of examples to include in the letter. Saving one of your old employers significant money by exemplary development work on a Visual Basic project probably isn’t relevant if you are applying for a mobile development position.

Try to add some meaningful detail about accomplishments from your work experience that directly relates to the open position. If you can add quantifiable data, like improvement in development speed or better yet, project dollars saved, it would be perfect.

Don’t go Overboard with Content

You want to keep your cover letter to one page or a page and a half at the absolute maximum, so you’ll need to include examples in a concise fashion. If possible, try to limit the number of examples to two or three, as needed.

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Why (and How) to Include Examples in Your IT Cover Letter

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