Interview Experience: Make it Memorable.

Written by Vedant Pathak : Founder and CEO : APN Consulting, Inc.

I have seen many big corporates performing salary surveys to see whether the company is in synch with the market. Is it possible to attract the top talent by giving top dollars? The answer is YES! You can, but there will always be another company who would be willing to pay more money than your company. In this scenario –how do you attract talent?

My answer is:

Interview experience: Whoever comes in your organization-make sure to make it a memorable experience? How many companies do you recall going to? If you do remember-what is the reason behind that? For example: I still can count on one hand where I had gone and had a memorable experience.  I remember the receptionist asking me to be comfortable, have a beverage and possibly use restroom. These were very basic courtesies but they made me feel welcomed into that organization. Similarly, if any candidate comes for an interview, make it a memorable experience!  So that even if they are being interview by other companies who are willing to paying 10% more, that candidate still would want to work for you. I say it is like first date- you want to make the best impression the very first time so that things can move forward.

Big corporates should not think that they are so big and their BRAND is enough to get people in the door. But in a way, they are right. They can do the first step of getting them in the door but why would candidate choose the big corporate over some small company who may be paying more bucks?

Make interview experience as smooth as water. It should be flowing and spontaneous. The candidate should come out and say,  “WOW that was something”. If an organization conducts interview in this fashion –it would be so much more fun to work here. In the worst-case scenario if a candidate was not up to the mark as per the employer he or she would still enjoy the experience and tell friends or colleagues about it. As they say ”your reputation travel much faster than you”. One cannot even imagine how this can build a great reputation of a professional employer.

Few ideas:

Welcome by the receptionist: Make sure the name is in the system so that if the candidate arrives and says, ”I am here for interview” , the candidate should be greeted as if he or she was being expected.

Water, Tea, or Coffee: Self Explanatory (I hope!)

Guided tour of the Facility: If a person just gets in and out of the conference room, the person has no idea about the size, kind of people, culture of the organization. A guided tour can really add value to the process.

Success Stories: These stores help boost interest and add enthusiasm. Tell stories about some of the employees who joined at the same level and how they have risen in the organization. Make sure to give actual names and titles.

Interview Panel details: I have seen many times that there are multiple interviewers but the candidate has no clue who is interviewing him and for what qualities or skills?

Career Growth: How will this position grow and what could be the next options?

Punctuality: All interviewers should be punctual and on the dot. Just how employers do not like candidates who are late for the interview, interviewees do not like interviewers who are late.

Personal follow-up: There should be thank you email for attending the interview and timelines for the next line of action. There is nothing worse than not knowing the outcome.

I am not undermining the salary survey, but what besides these surveys can one do to get top-notch employee?

Be creative here and the list is endless. Rewards are fruitful too. This may help you in gaining an employee who would be self-motivated to join the organization and excel.

Interview Experience: Make it Memorable.

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