Is Your Data Center Properly Staffed?

The modern IT operations data center has grown in complexity over the last few years. The advent of Cloud-based distributed computing puts operations staff in the role of managing an application topology consisting of a variety of on-premise, private, and public Cloud applications and data.

It is important to overhaul data center operations staffing in sync with overhauling the technology itself. Without making the effort to properly staff a data center, your company is missing the opportunity to get the most business value out of your technology investments. Let’s take a look at the best practices for data center staffing.

Look for Experience in the Latest Data Center Technology

Make sure any potential candidate has tangible experience in the latest in IT operations technology. Server virtualization, Cloud-based architecture, real-time operations management software — these all need to be part of their résumé.

Someone with mainframes and tape backups holding significant spots on their CV probably wouldn’t make a good fit for a technically progressive organization.

Don’t overlook your Technology Management Staff

In addition to the workers in the trenches, it is vital your IT management team know the latest in data center technology. Without it, how are they going to be able to manage staff and make the wisest decisions on both hiring and equipment procurement?

This can be accomplished through internal training as well as attending conferences specializing in modern IT ops. Additionally, consider hiring a small number of management level personnel who are experienced in the latest data center technology.

Remember to talk with your Local Technology Staffing Firm!

Don’t forget to work closely with your local IT staffing company for your data center staffing needs at both the management and operations engineer level. They are sure to understand both their current pool of potential candidates as well as the underlying technologies involved in modern IT operations.

When looking for data center staffing, talk to the experts at APN Consulting. Since they are one of the top IT staffing firms in the New Jersey area, they have the recruiters on hand with a robust supply of qualified candidates able to make your technology investment pay off. APN is also the only local firm who provides additional in-depth third party technical screening results with each applicant submission which can help you select the best talent. Schedule some time with them today!

Is Your Data Center Properly Staffed?

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