IT jobs aren’t threatened by artificial intelligence [Video]

Although artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies have begun to eliminate the need for administrative and customer service workers, IT pros need not be concerned.

And a recent study showed that many aren’t.

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Some have argued that as AI systems advance in their abilities to think creatively and solve complex challenges, the demand for tech workers may start to decline.

But these innovations are actually expected to improve the IT job market.

Not only will IT pros be able to focus more on the creative and strategic aspects of an organization, but robotics and automation technologies will help make these individuals more efficient at completing their jobs.  Plus, as these self-teaching systems advance and more companies adopt them, the IT job opportunities available to applicants will grow. 

Artificial intelligence will undoubtedly change the IT job market. Fortunately, these adjustments will benefit IT pros.

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IT jobs aren’t threatened by artificial intelligence [Video]
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