IT Phone Interview Skills

The interview is something that can strike fear in the heart of any IT professional, and phone interviews really aren’t any different. Whether you are actually in a room with the interviewer or on the phone, it is important to sound knowledgeable, confident, and friendly.

Thankfully, there are a set of easy-to-follow steps to help make sure you do a great job on that phone interview and ultimately get the IT position of your dreams. Being a good interviewer can be as important as having the latest technical skills on your resume.

It is Important to Be Prepared!

Make sure you are well versed in the technical requirements of this position. If it is a phone technical interview, assume the interviewer will be an expert in whatever technologies are needed to succeed at the job. Spend some time studying the major points likely to be covered in the interview.

Your own resume should be handy as a reference during the interview. Be prepared to talk in detail about your role in the projects listed on the resume. Take time to review every major project you’ve worked on in the last few years, so the material is fresh inside your head.

Jot down any details on previous projects or technical information ahead of time. Having these notes on hand in addition to your resume is a great idea. Consider putting them on a notebook or tablet computer, so you don’t have to shuffle paper during the interview.

Smile, Be Friendly, and Get Hired!

Make it a point to set a confident tone throughout the interview. Even though you can’t be seen — smile! Don’t worry, your confidence and mood will come across with those doing the interview.

Even though it is on the phone, make sure you take thorough notes and use this information to ask insightful questions when asked, just like an in-person interview. It provides a glimpse at important listening skills and shows you care about getting the job! Additionally, make sure you follow up with a note offering thanks for the opportunity to interview.

Your Local Recruiter can Help

Don’t forget to talk to your local recruiter about phone interviewing strategies. In addition to knowing which companies are looking for IT professionals, they can provide the interviewing advice necessary to help you get a great position!

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IT Phone Interview Skills

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