Job Seekers – How to spend time effectively

Looking for a job can be a taxing experience. The way you handle your day can lead you to either stress or peace. (If you are still in the job and looking for a change, you still need to juggle manage your day, priorities and continue the search. )

First, let’s tackle what to do when you are out of the job. Be disciplined by spending 3-4 hours daily doing important activities. “DAILY” is a keyword here. Please don’t procrastinate and start listening to the inner voice that is telling you to be lazy. Once you get into this mode, tomorrow never comes. It is essential to avoid that vicious cycle. Daily Important activities are listed below:

1.   Look for open jobs on various portals. During this search, it is essential for you to go to the important portals such as CareerBuilder, Dice, Monster, and Indeed, etc.

2.   Create a list of target companies: Based on your preference in industry or geography, prepare the list of companies that fit your criteria. Visit their career page regularly to see if there are openings.

3.   Prepare your resume for submission to the open jobs: Add a Cover letter or tweak your profile as per the job description and apply.

4.   Maintain a log of positions applied: Organization is key during this process. If there is a lack of organization, applying can become a messy experience.

5.   Talk to staffing agencies and start building a rapport: Don’t disregard staffing companies. Many staffing agencies have relationships with hiring managers and can shorten the overall recruitment process.

6.   Network at events: Prepare a list and just go. Don’t think too much.

7.   LinkedIn introductions/groups discussions: In this day and age of social media, LinkedIn is a great medium to reach out to connections.

8.   Upgrade your skills: Any certification or upgrade of skills always helps and keeps your brain cells in working.

You may allocate time such as 10AM-1PM daily and do the above activities. You can even go to the extent of dressing up and mentally behaving as if you are working in the office. Have clear daily/weekly goals in place such as resumes submitting 10-15 jobs, speaking to 5 agencies, and networking at 1 event weekly.

Additionally, this is a good time to follow your passion as well. If you always wanted to train for a marathon, go for it. Or if you always wanted to learn an instrument, you can do that as well. Go out of the house, meet some old friends, do some voluntary work, and join some group activity.

Please understand that finding the right job takes some time. Frustration is natural but give it time. Don’t burn yourself out by looking for a job for 40-50 hours a week. 20-25 hours a week should take you to your goal. Ultimately you will find the job. It is only a matter of time.

You need to keep the right balance of job search and fun. A Consistent job search along with the “right” fun will give you enough positive energy to wake up each morning fresh and you will be ready to conquer the world.

Job Seekers – How to spend time effectively

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