Killer Conversation Starters

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Whether you’re starting your first day at work, heading in for a job interview, making corporate connections, or more, the right conversation starter can turn any boring old conversation into a memorable one.

The key is to skip boring discussions about the weather or your academic qualifications and jumping right into the fun stuff. Read on as we look at potential conservation starters and questions that’ll get the discussion going and help you create a lasting impression in the other person’s mind.

For Formal Conversations

Who is your role model?

If you’re talking to a CEO or someone else in your corporate circle, this question is a good way to find out where they got their inspiration to pursue the field they’re in.

As a child, did you see yourself where you are now?

Again, this question will not only help you understand the other person better, but it’ll also show them that you’re target-oriented, and they’ll be more open and friendly in the conversation.

For Semi-Formal Conversations

What was your dream job when you were growing up?

Getting people to talk about their visions and dreams tends to make a conversation more deep and emotional. Somewhere along the journey, you might even find that you share similar passions and have mutual end goals, the perfect way to expand your network.

If you had to pick a character from any TV show, film, or book, who would resemble your personality the most?

This question is a fun one, especially if you’re trying to break the ice a little. The answer you get will give you a pretty good idea about the personality of the other person, and you’ll be able to continue the conversation better. For instance, if they say they’re like Bullwinkle, you know they have a light, humorous side, but if they’re like Professor Snape, you’ll be forewarned that they may not love all your jokes.

For Casual Conversations

What’s the daring thing you’ve ever done?

If the person you’re talking to answers this candidly, you know you’re in for a memorable conversation. Finding out about someone’s daring quirks is the best way to create a strong connection.

What’s your biggest fear?

This might help you find common ground- perhaps both of you share a mutual dislike for spiders, or both of you are highly achievement-oriented with a fear of failure driving you.


These are just some of the many killer conversation starters to establish your presence in a conversation. Depending on who you’re conversing with, you can make your questions more diverse. For instance, if you’re talking to someone in fashion, you could ask them about their biggest fashion disaster. For sci-fi fans, you can talk about Star Wars or the zombie apocalypse.

The best way to get the conversation flowing is to ask relevant and interesting questions to show the other person that you’re not just making small talk for the sake of it.

Being able to analyze the person in front of you and bringing up the right topics when you talk is the gateway to success regardless of whether you’re talking to the head of a company, a business associate or an interviewer.

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Killer Conversation Starters

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