Linux reliance demands experienced pros [Video]


Did you know that Linux is the go-to operating system for enterprises leveraging cloud platforms and the Internet of Things?

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Enterprise IT is no stranger to Linux, as it supports everything from servers to Internet of Things-connected devices and machinery. In fact, deployment of Linux servers is growing year over year, while Windows systems continue to fall by the wayside.

It’s clear that finding an IT professional who is experienced in Linux might be a problem this year.

A recent report from the Linux Foundation discovered that 97 percent of hiring managers plan to recruit Linux professionals in the next six months. These findings come just a few months after the company announced that staff members trained in Linux are the hardest to come by, with only about 40 percent of the IT workforce proficient in the alternative OS.

This signals a change in enterprise IT environments: Linux is now incredibly important to daily operations, and those with Linux skills are in high demand.

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Linux reliance demands experienced pros [Video]
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