Things to Consider when Making Hiring Decisions

The final decision to hire a technical employee is a very important step for your company, especially when dealing with a large candidate list. You need to make sure you are making the right choice. Here are four things to consider before you decide who is the most qualified.

The Importance of Qualifications

Make sure the candidate is well versed with the programming languages, databases, or network administration tools used at your company. Even if their educational record is exemplary, a lack of qualified professional experience puts your company at risk of non-performance, or at least extra on-the-job training. It is important the candidate is qualified –today–to hit the ground running.

Work History is Vital

Pay close attention to the candidates’ work history. Does it show a progressively increasing level of responsibilities as well as a promotion or two? Also, note the length of stay at each job — someone with longer tenures will probably be a better fit than a candidate who tends to jump from company to company.

Past Duties and Responsibilities

Related to the point on work history, ensure the candidate you choose to hire has a commensurate level of duties and responsibilities to match your open position. Someone with the right technology experience may have never worked as a team leader before. Before making your final decision, be sure to also consider the technical skill set, in addition to these other factors.

Verify those References

References tend to get overlooked when choosing between two equally qualified candidates. The insight achieved by talking with someone who previously worked with the candidate might be enough to inspire confidence when making the right hiring decision. It is highly important to vet each candidate as closely as possible, and references remain a vital part of the process.

If you want advice on making the right hiring choice for your company, don’t forget to talk to your local technical staffing company. In addition to having access to the best candidates in the area, they also are experts in the hiring process. One of the leading IT staffing companies in the New York City area, APN Consulting is a perfect choice when looking for hiring assistance.

Things to Consider when Making Hiring Decisions

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