Stop Being “That” IT Candidate and Start Being a Top Candidate

When looking for a new job in the IT industry, technical skills are probably your most important attribute, but nearly as important is the ability to communicate like a real professional. Both verbal and written communication skills are vital, with the latter being especially relevant when you are between jobs.

Make sure you take steps to hone your communication skills before entering the job market. Familiarize yourself with the types of written communication necessary to ensure success in the job search and when you are actually in the new position.

Be Sure to Personalize Each Cover Letter You Send Out

Batch processing is efficient from an IT standpoint, but batch processing your cover letters when searching for a job is a bad idea. You don’t have to individually write each letter from scratch, but make sure to tailor them to the specific position you are applying for. Spend the time to research the company and reference that in the cover letter; it shows you are truly interested in making that organization succeed.

Another point to remember is when a company advertises for a new technical position, their hiring manager can receive hundreds of resumes, each with their own cover letter. Spending extra time on your own cover letter gives you a better chance to stand out among the masses.

Don’t Skimp on the Resume!

Additionally, make sure your resume is up to date. Of course, that means detailing your most recent project experiences and job skills, but it is also important to ensure your resume is current from a style standpoint. What hiring managers looked for in the 1990s doesn’t necessarily apply today.

One great way to ensure your resume stays stylistically current and your correspondence skills remain top notch is to partner with the same recruiter between each new job assignment. They will better understand your technical abilities and desires, ensuring your career continues on its upward trajectory.

Your local technical staffing agency is a great source for knowledgeable recruiters. One of the top staffing firms in the New Jersey area, APN Consulting has the recruiting staff on hand to make sure your career stays on the right path.

Stop Being “That” IT Candidate and Start Being a Top Candidate

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