New Salesforce feature “connects” external apps with ease [Video]

Salesforce introduced a new feature to the corporate world, and it aims to make third-party integrations easier than ever.

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Salesforce didn’t become a market leader by failing to innovate.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite, and Salesforce’s new capability called Connect highlights the innovative nature of the CRM platform.

Salesforce Connect is a service that allows non-IT professionals to integrate third-party systems such as SAP modules, ERPs and cloud solutions into their Salesforce environments.

The best part is that no coding is required.

In essence, Salesforce Connect simplifies integration capabilities, allowing anyone to inject external sources of data into their Salesforce systems, as well as export information from Salesforce into other apps.

For more information on how your business can leverage Salesforce and Salesforce Connect, reach out to APN today!

New Salesforce feature “connects” external apps with ease [Video]
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