New IT Job Opportunities

One of the best things about being an IT professional is that there’s always something innovative coming down the pike. In many cases, new technologies mean new job opportunities, so it pays to stay abreast of the latest and greatest in IT. Professionals that consistently take an active role in upgrading their skill set remain easily employable no matter if the economy is up or down.

Let’s take a look at some newer technology that could be impacting your career very shortly.

Google Glass Leads the Wearable Tech Parade

Even though it’s still in a beta stage, Google Glass continues to garner a lot of press as the next big thing in technology. If you are a software engineer, download the Glass API and explore the differences between it and Google’s Android programming libraries. If the Glass is ultimately successful, this will lead to many developer job opportunities in the future.

Samsung recently released their Galaxy Gear smartwatch which runs on Android. Additionally, Apple has been rumored to have an iWatch in their product pipeline. Programmers need to pay close attention to the wearable tech sector, because if it takes off, these new platforms will need apps.

i-Air Touch Brings Virtual Augmented Reality

Another fascinating technology being researched is i-Air Touch (iAT), currently in development in Taiwan by the nonprofit Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). iAT is a touch-enabled augmented reality interface that looks like something straight out of Minority Report. Suitable for medical and industrial applications, iAT could also make inroads in the office as well.

Once again, if i-Air Touch is successful, expect programming opportunities for the platform to become plentiful. ITRI is making the iAT system available for licensing by companies involved in mobile and other technologies. Interested professionals need to pay attention!

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New IT Job Opportunities

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