How to Find “Star” IT Talent

Finding that perfect technical employee out of hundreds of resumes or emails needn’t be an impossible task. There are clear and easy steps to follow to ensure you hire the best possible talent to help your company implement an enhanced Linux server infrastructure, design a new Rails website, or engineer the latest NoSQL database application.

Utilize Your Professional Network to Find Top Rank Technical Candidates

In many cases, utilizing your own professional network is a great first step when deciding to find that star IT employee. What better way to find talent, with tangible experiences honed in business and technology, than by asking your colleagues?

Additionally, employees already on board are another wonderful resource for top rank technical talent. Essentially, you are now leveraging your employees’ professional networks; a recommendation from someone you trust can go a long way in clinching that perfect IT hire.   

Don’t Fear the IT Candidate Who Knows More than You

It is important not to be bothered by a technical candidate with a wide range of knowledge who may know more than you. Use their advanced IT skills as an opportunity to grow the breadth and depth of technical capabilities at your company.

An employee who consistently stays abreast of the latest advancements in IT holds a value that goes beyond the typical staff member. Imagine having somebody already on board who became a Python expert on their own time!

Partner With an IT Staffing Firm to Weed through Resumes

Ultimately the most useful step to follow when searching for that star IT candidate is a professional staffing firm that specializes in technology. They will already be familiar with the top technical talent in the area, and are able to accurately analyze the latest technology trends and how they may affect your company’s staffing needs.

IT staffing companies can also help you filter out the best talent out of those hundreds of resumes in your inbox or email folder. Having a pared-down candidate pool remains vital for making the most of the limited time you have to interview potential employees.

One of the top technical staffing firms in the New York Metro area, APN Consulting is a perfect choice when trying to find top rank IT talent. Their experienced staff can help you with managing your own candidate list, in addition to having a line on those technology stars currently in New York and New Jersey.

How to Find “Star” IT Talent

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