Difficult Interview Question – Have you been Fired?

Technical interviews can be a harrowing thing, especially when it comes to answering difficult programming, database, or networking questions on the fly. But one question stands out amongst all in striking fear into the job hunter: Have you ever been fired?

If you are lucky (or good) enough to have never been fired from a position, congratulations. On the other hand, being fired from a job doesn’t have to mean a death knell to you career, or something to ruin an otherwise productive interview. Follow a few simple steps to handle the question and ensure a great chance of getting that new job.

Prepare for the Question

If you have been fired from a previous job, it is important to expect that question to come up during an interview, and it is even more important to answer it honestly. Make sure to prepare ahead of time for the question and be clear in your mind on how you will approach your answer.

At the same time, be sure to answer naturally and not in an over rehearsed manner. That may sound contradictory, but it is very important to come off honest and forthright to the interviewer.

Show How You’ve Grown from the Experience

In many cases, companies are looking for potential employees with professional experience and growth, and if you and your career have successfully rebounded from being fired, emphasize that fact when answering the question. Remember, every negative can also have a positive.

Process Your Thoughts and Respond With Confidence

When asked that question, don’t speak too quickly without thinking first. Process the thoughts in your mind and respond to the question with confidence. Showing poise when answering while stating the fact that you’ve grown professionally since the incident will go a long way in ensuring your suitability for the job to the hiring manager.

If you need some help tailoring your resume and interviewing skills to handle issues like this in your work history, schedule some time to talk with a technology recruiter. As one of the leading IT staffing agencies in the New Jersey area, APN Consulting has the staff on hand to help ensure you answer all interview questions with poise and confidence.

Difficult Interview Question – Have you been Fired?

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