Boosting Summertime Office Morale

They call them the “dog days” of summer for good reason. When the weather gets hot and sunny, the thoughts of many IT workers turn towards spending time on the beach, instead of working at the office making that database model perfect.

Even if they are distracted by the remembrance of carefree summers during grade school, technical employees need to keep busy no matter the season. What are some great ways to improve summertime office morale and productivity? After all, the business world doesn’t stop for the summer, and your company needs to stay active and focused on your goals.

In the Summertime it’s Important to Reward Success

In the summer, more than any other season, it is important to reward your employees when they are successful. If your networking team spent a weekend performing an error free server upgrade, pass out some gift cards or add an extra vacation day to their yearly allotment.

Awarding an extra day off or letting them leave work a few hours early if it is warranted can go a long way in boosting company morale. Since the Fourth of July falls on a Thursday this year, making that Friday an special holiday is another great way to reward productivity.

Enjoy the Good Weather – at the Office

Simply adding some extra benches or picnic tables at the office is a great way to allow your employees to enjoy the excellent summertime weather during the work day. Having a way to blow off stream while at the shop helps to let workers relax if they end up spending extra hours during the crunch time needed to finish an application.

Even consider throwing a party at work to celebrate the project’s completion. Whatever the method, don’t scrimp on your employee’s morale during those long days of summer. Keeping productivity high throughout the entire year is one key to your firm’s ultimate success.

Your local technical recruiter is a good source of advice on making your employees happy and keeping them content. One of the leading IT staffing companies in the New Jersey area, APN Consulting has the staff on hand armed with ideas on how to manage employee morale.

Boosting Summertime Office Morale

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  1. A: I completely agree with the underlying sentiment here. People naturally want to be out enjoying the warm weather and sunshine that comes along with the summer months. One way of boosting office morale then is to take steps to help team members and employees enjoy their summers just a little bit more. Happy employees and team members are much more likely to be productive, and treat customers better.

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